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Over the last five years they've made 36 significant donations to registered charities totalling £1,458,203

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
31/07/2019 £27,400 THE COUNSELLING AND FAMILY CENTRE, ALTRINCHAM 6 To extend our counselling support for whole family groups and expand this support into the north of the borough, allowing us to support an additional 100 people through family therapy.
31/07/2019 £97,172 GREATER MANCHESTER YOUTH NETWORK 4 Trafford Transitions is a new two-year programme that will engage 80 care leavers aged 16-25 to take part in social action activities, life skills training and employability workshops across Trafford. The programme will be co-designed with young people and target those young people who are most at risk.
30/06/2019 £9,204 ALTRINCHAM BAPTIST CHURCH 1 We seek to run a two year pilot delivering a free CAP Life Skills Service to both existing and past debt clients to enhance the current service we offer as well as support other local residents of Altrincham who have not accessed the Debt Service.
30/06/2019 £10,000 GROUNDWORK MANCHESTER SALFORD STOCKPORT TAMESIDE AND TRAFFORD 5 Holiday youth club – 5 days a week (9-5) for 4 weeks. Activities, breakfast and lunch
30/06/2019 £68,360 SEED STUDIOS 1 The organisation has identified the need to invest in leadership, and a cohesive plan for sustainability and increased capacity. The funding applied for will enable the appointment of a Creative Director to implement and oversee the progression of an 18 -24 month development plan; and a Team Leader to support and grow core community development work.
31/05/2019 £84,530 TRAFFORD DOMESTIC ABUSE SERVICES 3 We will recruit and employ a Full Time Specialist Domestic Abuse Outreach Worker who will provide person centred support, targeted at their specific and individual needs and that lasts as long as the family needs it and not curtailed by time limited funding restrictions.
30/04/2019 £87,675 THE PROUD TRUST LTD 14 Our ambition is to demolish our single-storey building, which is in a state of disrepair, and replace it with a flagship 3-storey building, and roof garden, which will be able to support triple the number of Greater Manchester residents than it does now - 50,000 in total every year. We are asking for help to rebuild as well as to fund an outreach programme of 15 events across Trafford to raise awareness of the Centre and how it can help LGBT+ people in Trafford.
28/02/2019 £59,349 THE TOY HOUSE 1 Over the last 18 months we have identified an increased demand in the need to offer work experience to volunteers who have additional and/or complex needs. We have been approached by a parent, colleges, an autistic charity and The Department of Work and Pensions who are very keen for us to help with giving volunteering opportunities to disabled adults and disabled young people about to leave college.
28/02/2019 £46,724 TRAFFORD DOMESTIC ABUSE SERVICES 3 Workshops and 1:1 session for children and young people at risk or already experienceing domestic abuse.
31/10/2018 £100,000 Timperley Amateur Boxing Club 1 The building features that are needed to take Timperley Community Boxing Club into the future: • Floor space for boxing training • The floor space to be ¼ - ¾ divided to be used as a when for possible dance / yoga sessions / community use • Sufficient space to hold boxing shows / competitions (thus drawing the community together) • Viewing area for public and parents. • Small equipped kitchenette • Male / Female / Disabled Toilets, showers and changing facilities. • Storage area • Separate Weights area • 1 large boxing ring • Larger floor space for training and other community groups to use (approx 160sqm) • 15 bags • Suitable car parking
31/10/2018 £79,349 Talk Listen Change (TLC) 4 Our project will develop our work with women who use violence in their intimate relationships and expand our pilot of behaviour change work across Trafford and then Greater Manchester.
31/10/2018 £48,612 GROUNDWORK MANCHESTER SALFORD STOCKPORT TAMESIDE AND TRAFFORD 5 The Achievement Coaches mentoring programme provides early intervention support to young people at risk of underachieving.The project aims to provide personalised support to young people so that they achieve a ‘positive personal progression’ and/or ‘positive learning progression’.
31/10/2018 £10,000 EVERYONE CAN 5 We want to bring groups of disabled children and their friends to our centre in Sale, to have fun playing computer games adapted to their needs.
30/09/2018 £36,236 Lords Taverners 5 Wicketz is a community cohesion programme which uses cricket as a catalyst to change the lives of 8- 16 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds in Trafford, Gorton and Salford. Through regular cricket delivery and targeted personal development sessions, we aim to empower young people to think and behave more positively in their social, home and school lives.
30/09/2018 £10,000 Kingsway Church 1 We will employ a debt counselling manager to support individuals and families with a debt problem.
30/09/2018 £44,368 G-FORCE 1 Three years ago G-Force were commissioned to run a project in Altrincham, Sale and the surround area called 'Talentmatch'. This is a nationwide project that offered intense support to Young people (aged 18 to 24) who are long term unemployed and distant from employment. This support could last up to 18 months and aimed to get them into a job and help them keep it. This project comes to an end in November.
31/07/2018 £10,000 YHA 1 The project will provide 125 children and their families from Trafford with the opportunity to take a 2 day YHA break. Breaks will be available to children in local Schools who cannot afford a school residential and are eligible for pupil premium. As well as local families facing challenging circumstances (e.g. poverty. unemployment, domestic violence, disability, life- limiting illness, bereavement) with a particular focus on Trafford Housing Trust's residents.
31/07/2018 £39,556 42ND STREET - COMMUNITY BASED RESOURCE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE UNDER STRESS 8 Gift Shop offers young people aged 16- 25 in the local community the opportunity to explore ideas around wellbeing, what makes them feel good and how this can be translated into developing self- care and gifts for themselves and others. Young people will take part in a series of workshops across locations in Trafford and will create a Trafford Gift Shop; a pop up shop/ stall full of useful and beautiful handmade goods on offer to the public all with the aim of improving wellbeing. The project will also offer more intensive skills development to a self- selecting core froup of young people over the two years.
31/07/2018 £71,400 THE CYRIL FLINT VOLUNTEERING CHARITY 3 New pilot service Profile raising For the next 12 months we want to trial a new project in Trafford, in effect a restructuring of our approach, focussing on one geographical area per quarter, starting with Sale and working our way around Trafford. As we currently only have two paid members of staff, we are keen to utilise their time as much as possible to make our service delivery as efficient and effective as possible.
31/05/2018 £39,712 SALE MOOR COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP LIMITED 1 The Sale Moor Community Partnership needs to develop as a charity into a post Norris Road development organisation. The charity now has a clearer understanding of the possible impacts of the withdrawal of current commissions from Trafford Housing Trust for a one-stop service and the final timescale decision about the developments progress (now Easter 2020). The most significant elements of the current projects at the charity will now necessarily need to be volunteer driven and led. The charity feels that it can continue to achieve that to a large degree with the addition of a volunteer and partnership co-ordinator to develop local volunteers, groups and projects to support existing services and develop new ones. The coordinator will also act as a partnership development worker for SMCP with the aim of creating a thriving representative charity with a volunteer led approach to community needs pre and post development of the Norris Road parade.
30/04/2018 £10,000 STRETFORD FOODBANK 1 We are three community groups working together with one purpose- to serve our community when in times of need and crisis.
30/04/2018 £99,922 HOME-START TRAFFORD AND SALFORD 4 providing consistent one-to-one support for new parents at risk of social isolation and poor mental health who would otherwise have to cope with the huge changes of parenthood alone.
31/03/2018 £25,000 Golden Centre of Opportunities 3 We need support in creating Sustainability, with creative ideas. We would then gain the tools to become sustainable. Our project is the activities we run at our Centre.
31/03/2018 £48,113 GORSE HILL STUDIOS CREATIVE COMMUNITY 2 Employment of 2 staff to deliver alternative creative education to a minimum of 22 young people.
31/03/2018 £100,000 PURE INSIGHT 1628 7 Extend Insightful Mentoring Programme into Trafford. 1:1 support to care leavers.
31/10/2017 £54,800 The Counselling and Family Centre (CFC) 6 3 year project to Increase capacity and extend geography of family counselling and establish data for comissioning
28/02/2017 £10,771 Broadheath Community Association 1 £500,000 has been made available for the building of a Community Centre in Broadheath. Planning application has been approved and the commencement of building is imminent. Broadheath Community Association will have the management responsibility for the management and upkeep of the Community Centre. The £500,000 is intended to be used for capital purposes and is a section 106 provision.
28/02/2017 £10,914 St Johns Centre 5 To date, our Strategic Youth Engagement Project has set up a Strategic Youth Partnership for Old Trafford to: • Bring together a wide range of statutory, voluntary and faith organisations involved in youth provision; • Identify gaps in youth provision; • Engage with and support organisations to provide effective services in partnership.
31/10/2016 £18,720 THE TOY HOUSE 1 Support, toy hire, equipment, organised stay & plan facilities
31/10/2016 £14,588 G-FORCE 1 Establishing a new youth club in Altrincham
31/10/2016 £13,035 THE TOY HOUSE 1 Support, toy hire, equipment, organised stay & plan facilities
31/10/2016 £12,255 THE TOY HOUSE 1 Support, toy hire, equipment, organised stay & plan facilities
31/05/2016 £10,054 G-FORCE 1 To deliver 10 Summer community Fun days and 10 winter indoor activities in Oldfield Brow, Broomwood, Broadheath, the Grange and Pownall Road. Target 2000+ attendees We have delivered these activities for a number of years now and they have become a central feature of community life in these areas
30/11/2015 £10,578 HENSHAWS SOCIETY FOR BLIND PEOPLE 4 Our vision is to provide an eye clinic liaison service at Altrincham Hospital for 2.5 days a week, offering both practical and emotional support to improve the emotional wellbeing of people who are newly diagnosed with sight loss and those who are returning to the eye clinic for on-going treatment.
31/05/2015 £14,028 G-FORCE 1 to deliver 12 summer holiday Fundays ( that each target 100+ attendees) and 12 winter indoor activities (that each target 60+ attendees). These would be delivered in Oldfield Brow, Broomwood, Broadheath & the Grange equally. In fact they have helped us all work together, grow together & learn off each other.
31/05/2015 £11,786 THE TOY HOUSE 1 To fund a support worker to develop services for the benefit of disabled children and their families to reduce social isolation through peer and specialist professional support. To increase integration between people of different ages and abilities and provide volunteering oppertunities to disabled adults
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