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National Lottery49%40%
Garfield Weston Foundation27%26%
Co-operative Group5%3%
City Bridge Trust4%2%
The Joseph Rank Trust2%2%
R S Macdonald Charitable Trust2%1%
The Robertson Trust2%1%
The Big Lottery Fund1%1%
Community Foundation in Wales1%1%
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In this period they've made 177 significant donations to registered charities totalling £2,049,404

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
09/12/2019 £10,000 MANCHESTER, Whitefield Methodist Church 1? Key repairs including stone verges and repointing areas in need of repair, replace some rainwater pipes and guttering. Booked using MaintenanceBooker.
09/12/2019 £5,984 BRIGHTON, KEMP TOWN, St Mary 3? Asbestos removal service.
09/12/2019 £9,605 COVENTRY, St Osburg 3? MaintenanceBooker - Rainwater goods repairs
07/11/2019 £9,294 LONDON, CATFORD, St Laurence 1? Urgent relining of the principal box gutters
07/11/2019 £3,530 LONDON, CATFORD, St Laurence 1? Urgent repairs to small areas of failing or deeply carbonated concrete in structural elements of the church
07/11/2019 £7,150 COVENTRY, Salem Chapel 1? Roof and rainwater goods repairs
07/11/2019 £8,465 WHITHORN, St Ninian Repair cracks to stones & repoint areas
07/11/2019 £2,500 PAISLEY, The Redeemed Christian Church of God Roof repairs
07/11/2019 £6,800 BELFAST, Bloomfield Presbyterian Church 1? Roof repairs
07/11/2019 £9,331 ST LEONARD'S-ON-SEA, St John the Evangelist 1? Clearance of rainwater goods, tiling repairs and masonry repairs
07/11/2019 £7,563 LONDON, HORNSEY, St Mary with St George 1? Roof and rainwater goods repairs
07/11/2019 £7,500 DYKE, Dyke Parish Church Stone repairs and repointing
07/11/2019 £7,000 CARDROSS, Parish Church Stonework and repointing
07/11/2019 £8,500 BEDFORD, GOLDINGTON, St Mary the Virgin 1? Rewiring the electrics
07/11/2019 £5,000 NUNBURHOLME, St James 1? Repairs to church roof and parapet gable end
07/11/2019 £9,091 CREEKMOOR, Christ Church 4? Roof works
07/11/2019 £2,800 LONDON, GREAT STANMORE, St John the Evangelist 1? Feasibility Study / Options Appraisal
07/11/2019 £5,000 YELDEN, St Mary 1? Masonry repairs and repointing
07/11/2019 £9,000 LONDON, CHINGFORD, St Peter and St Paul 3? Architects' fees towards prep of scope of works for repair project to remove church from HARR
07/11/2019 £6,180 RUGELEY, St Augustine 1? Repointing walls
07/11/2019 £40,000 ABERDEEN, Cathedral of St Machar Repair - Roof repairs
07/11/2019 £30,000 NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, All Saints 1? Repairs & Facilities - Repairs and installation of facilities plus additional improvement works
07/11/2019 £15,000 ST ASAPH, St Asaph and St Kentigern 2? Facilities - Installation of accessible toilet, plus two other toilets, and a kitchen
07/11/2019 £15,000 THORPE ARNOLD, St Mary the Virgin 1? Repair - The roofs are to be replaced in TCSS, also consequential repairs to the roofs timbers will be carried out and dislodged stonework will be replaced. New rainwater goods will be installed
30/09/2019 £2,705 LONDON, EAST DULWICH, St John the Evangelist 1? Rainwater Goods Follow-on Repairs service.
03/09/2019 £3,250 COVENTRY, St Osburg 3? High Level Inspection
04/07/2019 £3,000 BELFAST, Christian Fellowship Church 1? Replace gutering and fascia boards
04/07/2019 £5,095 CONLIG, Conlig Presbyterian Church 1? Stonework condition survey, electrical and mechanical survey
04/07/2019 £10,000 LONDON, Holborn, St George the Martyr 2? Clean and then survey ceiling in order to inform repair work.
04/07/2019 £6,000 LONDON, Colindale, St Augustine 1? A full condition survey and strategic options assessment of the church building including scheduling, cost analysis and concrete analysis.
04/07/2019 £3,500 CULLERCOATS, St George 1? Survey water damage to internal stonework, draw up schedules of work for repairwork and disabled access, obtain tenders
04/07/2019 £3,000 CHICHESTER, St Paul 2? Repairs to leaded glass windows
04/07/2019 £20,000 TIREE, Tiree Parish Church Facilities - Creating a pod in the rear of the building to house accessible toilet facilities, a separate kitchen with proper facilities and a separate sound proofed meeting room,
04/07/2019 £20,000 SOUTH UIST, Howmore Church of Scotland Repairs/facilities - Repairs to the external stonework and rainwater goods and installation of toilets
04/07/2019 £10,000 YORK, York Baptist Church 2? Repairs - Roof repairs
04/07/2019 £10,000 LONDON, BOW, St Mary and Holy Trinity 3? Repairs - Repair and renew the inadequate and failing below ground drainage
04/07/2019 £10,000 LEEDS, Roundhay, St Edmund 3? Repairs - Repairs to the roof and rainwater goods
04/07/2019 £20,000 BEIGHTON, All Saints Repairs - Re-thatch nave, flint work to north and south nave clerestory walls and installation of facilities
04/07/2019 £20,000 ESKADALE, St Mary 2? Repairs - Remove cement render to external walls and replace rainwater goods
07/03/2019 £7,750 HARLOW, St Paul 1? To carry out surveys of the condition of the fabric and associated professional services to identify the scope and cost of refurbishment and development work to RIBA work stage 1
07/03/2019 £5,000 BRISTOL, St Stephen with St James 1? To fund the cost of a project manager (envisaged as a 3 month appointment) to realise a vision for the future sustainability of the church and its positive impact within the city
07/03/2019 £3,000 WHISSONSETT, St Mary Roof repairs
07/03/2019 £4,000 SHOREHAM-BY-SEA, St Mary de Haura 1? Feasibility study / options appraisal to establish where meeting rooms would be best situated - in church, in dilapidated building, in new build.
07/03/2019 £10,000 OVERBURY, St Faith 1? Facilities - Installation of an accessible toilet and washbasin in the north west corner within the front section of the existing vestry, and creation of a kitchenette.
07/03/2019 £20,000 AGHADOWEY, Aghadowey Presbyterian Church 1? Repairs - Roof repairs
07/03/2019 £20,000 CHADDESDEN, St Mary 1? Repairs - Replace the slate roofs in worst condition (the aisles & nave) and repair the lead on the tower roof. Also improving the rainwater goods to protect the new roofs.
07/03/2019 £10,000 CHEVELEY, St Mary & the Holy Host of Heaven 3? Facilities - External extension to south transept with accessible toilet and baby changing facilities, hot and cold water, plus a small lobby with overhead storage and level access from within the church. Also modern kitchenette in the south transept.
08/11/2018 £2,500 GRANBY, All Saints 1? Urgent tower repairs
08/11/2018 £2,500 CANTERBURY, St Dunstan with Holy Cross 1? New boilerhouse roof
08/11/2018 £5,000 PENZANCE, Church Of The Immaculate Conception 2? Repairs to crypt level - being made to contain community facilities
08/11/2018 £3,850 WORKINGTON, Our Lady Star of the Sea & St Michael's 2? The grant will support our Steering Group to re-define our priorities after an unsuccessful bid for £1.3M to HLF Heritage programme. Feasibility Study_x000D_ to RIBA Stage 1; updated Condition; Report, Structural Appraisal and costings
08/11/2018 £5,000 WOLSTON, St Margaret 1? Repair and replacement of floor and removal of beetle-infested pews
08/11/2018 £5,000 CAREW, St Mary 4? Installation of a small kitchenette
08/11/2018 £20,000 LONDON, SHOREDITCH, St Leonard 2? Structural repairs to portico, repair and renewal of rainwater goods, roof repairs, repointing, structural repairs to clock faces, create access to roof
08/11/2018 £8,000 HENGOED, New Hengoed Baptist Church 2? Install kitchen and accessible toilet, part of major repair project
08/11/2018 £15,000 BRIGHTON, Kemp Town, St Mary 3? Repairs to W front, including roof repairs, rainwater goods, masonry and repointing, windows
08/11/2018 £20,000 SALINE, Saline and Blairingone Parish Church Remove and replace cement render, replace rotting roof timbers
08/11/2018 £2,500 WOOTTON, St Andrew 3? Death Watch beetle treatment to tower floor. Replacement of collapsing choir stall floors.
08/11/2018 £2,500 WABERTHWAITE, St John 1? Investigate existing drains and below ground conditions, replacement of inadequate drains and gullies to ensure water is directed away from the building and address standing water issues at_x000D_ the base of walls. Repairs to damaged rainwater goods.
08/11/2018 £3,000 PRESTON, Shrine Church of Saint Walburge 2? Repair dry rot and address cause
08/11/2018 £3,000 MONKS RISBOROUGH, St Dunstan 1? Repairs to the stonework
08/11/2018 £3,000 SOUTHPORT, St Philip & St Paul with Wesley 1? Repairs to clerestory windows and surrounding stonework
08/11/2018 £3,000 CLIFFORD, St Edward King and Confessor 2? Asbestos removal
08/11/2018 £2,595 STONEY STANTON, St Michael 1? Raking out of old mortar and re-pointing of the stonework
08/11/2018 £5,000 NATELY SCURES, St Swithun 1? Completely replace ceiling plaster. Clean and wax celing oak beams.
08/11/2018 £5,000 BREAMORE, St Mary Repairs to roof, walls, large bore heating pipe. Inspect for beetle activity.
08/11/2018 £2,500 LOUGHBOROUGH, All Saints 1? Repairs due to water damage. Repairs to roof.
08/11/2018 £5,000 BARBY, St Mary 1? Repairs to roof due to damage and theft, and installation of roof alarm
08/11/2018 £5,000 CAMBRIDGE, St Michael 2? Repair to front entrance door
08/11/2018 £2,500 BUGBROOKE, St Michael and all Angels 1? Replace crumbling stonework, repair roofing and windows to make the church watertight and weatherproof
31/08/2018 £10,000 BOSTON, St Botolph 2? DUPLICATE FOR FRIENDS VOTE - Replacement of lead belfry roof and wooden platform at the top of the lantern tower, restoration work to the west face of the tower
05/07/2018 £3,000 CLEADON, All Saints 1? Replacement of the guttering and fascia boards to the north nave and west end of the north transept. Repainting and making good of damaged timber to the fleche.
05/07/2018 £3,000 HEDNESFORD, Our Lady of Lourdes 3? Unblocking gutters, hoppers and downpipes. Refixing slipped slates
05/07/2018 £2,500 HALLOW, St Philip and St James 1? Demolition and rebuilding of the chimney which is severely cracked and in a dangerous condition.
05/07/2018 £3,000 LONDON, Catford, St Laurence 1? Investigative work recommended by recent Quinquennial Inspection to determine cause of rapidly developing hairline cracks in the main high arches and the ring beams of the low level ambulatory. Feasibility Investigations proposed
05/07/2018 £3,000 BOOTLE, St Michael and All Angels 1? To remove, repair/replace corroded gutters, downpipes and fittings to the North and South Nave elevation and the west elevation of transepts
05/07/2018 £3,000 LEICESTER, St Patrick 3? Repointing of coping stones and some minor roof repairs
05/07/2018 £4,000 LLANELLI, Hall Street Methodist Church 1? Internal render repairs following collapse. Stabilise stonework with lime mortar. Fit lead Damp Proof Coarse to top of wall. Re-bed/renew coping with lime mortar mix. Repoint
05/07/2018 £5,000 BELFAST, Dundela, St Mark 1? Slate repairs to church roof, repair and painting of rainwater goods, modification of gutters to prevent splashback on stonework which is causing damp. Some stonework repairs to windows and lime pointing of joints is required.
05/07/2018 £3,400 LONDON, ST PANCRAS, St Pancras Euston Road 2? Professional fees for surveys/inspections and conservation plan update, options appraisal for reordering, project costings
05/07/2018 £2,500 BOLTON, Bolton Methodist Mission, Victoria Hall 1? Feasibilty study for redevelopment project
05/07/2018 £3,000 CARDIFF, GLAN ELY, Church of the Resurrection 2? Roof repairs
05/07/2018 £3,000 LEEDSTOWN, United Methodist Church 1? replace defective pointing and re-plaster internally
05/07/2018 £10,000 UPTON MAGNA, St Lucia 2? Re-laying Nave and North aisles roofs as no existing roofing felt on these areas, replacing underlying ceiling panels and plaster between rafters to nave south slope, and patch repairing north slopes in nave _x000D_ and north aisle. Tying tower wall to the nave
05/07/2018 £10,000 KIRBY LE SOKEN, St Michael 1? Stabilise East wall and repair cracks/damage
05/07/2018 £10,000 TUNSTALL, Sacred Heart 3? Redevelop crypt to create new community meeting area, kitchen and toilets
05/07/2018 £10,000 TONG, St Bartholomew 3? Tower and spire stonework and window repairs
05/07/2018 £10,000 EAST ANSTEY, St Michael 1? Tower roof, stonework and rainwater goods repairs, install lightning conductor and rewiring
05/07/2018 £20,000 DERRIAGHY LISBURN, Christ Church 2? Repairs to the Spire
05/07/2018 £3,000 ABERDARE, St Fagan 1? Address dry rot in the main porch area and install strong wooden doors to the outside of the porch.
05/07/2018 £20,000 LIVERPOOL, TOXTETH PARK, St Michael-in-the-Hamlet with St Andrew 2? A complete new roof structure (ventilated and insulated) is to be created in timber, with new battenrolled stainless steel coverings. Parapet gutters are to be relined; new sumps and hoppers in lead will be provided and the downspouts willbe refurbished
05/07/2018 £10,000 CHADDESDEN, St Mary 1? Replace the slate roofs in worst condition (the aisles & nave) and repair the lead on the tower roof. Also improving the rainwater goods to protect the new roofs.
05/07/2018 £10,000 BRIGHTON, Brighton Unitarian Church 4? Structural repairs, rainwater goods
05/07/2018 £8,000 COVENTRY, Holy Trinity 3? Create toilets (2M, 2F, 1 A) in extension to north aisle replacing existing storage area, with access from north choir aisle
07/03/2018 £3,000 GLOSSOP, St Mary Crowned Catholic Church 3? Replace undersized rainwater goods
07/03/2018 £2,950 CARDROSS, Parish Church Repairs to the west wall
07/03/2018 £3,000 FECKENHAM, St John the Baptist 1? To provide safe access from inside the tower to the roof by building new platform and ladder
07/03/2018 £3,000 BIRMINGHAM, The Cotteridge Church 4? Restoration and repair of stone work on the tower
07/03/2018 £10,000 PORTADOWN, St Mark 1? to replace missing or broken slates, loose masonry, support beam in the bell tower, gutter work, steel floor beams, cut out rusting dowell and replace stone, point joints on stonework, and external paintwork.
07/03/2018 £2,711 SHEFFIELD, St Polycarps 1? Repair a number of significant roofing failures and the results on the interior plastering of the Church
07/03/2018 £3,000 THAXTED, St John the Baptist with Our Lady and St Laurence 2? Repairs to window stonework
07/03/2018 £3,000 NORTH PETHERWIN, St Paternus 1? Urgent repairs to church tower
07/03/2018 £3,000 LEEK, St Mary 3? Replace netting on spire, re-point copings to south porch parapet, re-render boundary wall, repaint downpipe
07/03/2018 £9,640 BRISTOL, St Mary Redcliffe 1? Feasibility study in preparation for a Round 1 HLF bid. To include brief development, key stakeholder consultation, options appraisal, technical development,a cost plan etc
07/03/2018 £5,665 DARLINGTON, St Cuthbert 2? Feasibility study and business plan preparation
07/03/2018 £10,000 BEVERLEY, St Mary 3? Installation of toilet facilities
07/03/2018 £20,000 STACKPOLE, St James and St Elidyr 1? Roof repairs, install rainwater goods, improve drainage, repainting damaged walls, window repairs
07/03/2018 £10,000 BIRKBY, St John the Evangelist 2? Replace roof covering, flashing and parapet gutters to the south side
07/03/2018 £10,000 MACCLESFIELD, St Alban 2? Repairs to the Tower and Roof
07/03/2018 £20,000 BRAMPTON ABBOTTS, St Michael and All Angels 2? Repairs to all roofs, rainwater goods, drains, stonework, porch, windows, internal walls and ceilings
07/03/2018 £15,000 KINGS LYNN, King's Lynn Minster (St Margaret) 3? North porch development. Steel framed structure within NW tower to improve access, accommodate toilets, office and meeting space, access to bell chamber, display space, emergency exit. Some repairs
07/03/2018 £10,000 COLD OVERTON, St John the Baptist 1? Repairs to the tower, damp work and internal repairs
07/03/2018 £10,000 NORTHAM, St Margaret 3? Roof and ceiling repairs, repair/replace rainwater goods
07/03/2018 £40,000 LANTEGLOS BY CAMELFORD, St Julitta 3? Roof repairs, structural repairs to tower, stonework repointing, replace timbers, install kitchen and compostible toilet, new heating and lighting
07/03/2018 £40,000 LANARK, St Mary 3? Roof repairs
07/03/2018 £10,000 BIRMINGHAM, STECHFORD, All Saints 4? Install 2 toilets (one accessible with baby change)
31/10/2017 £10,000 OLD HILL, Holy Trinity 2? Repairs to tower roof and stonework; refurbish kitchen; repairs to tower clock
31/10/2017 £30,000 HERNE, St Martin in Herne 2? Phase 2: stonework repairs to West wall, lower levels of tower, North porch and buttress, install toilet and mains drainage
31/10/2017 £10,000 BURTON LAZARS, St James 1? Install toilet and kitchen (including mains services) as well as a new heating system. Rewire and provide a meeting room
31/10/2017 £15,000 DARWEN, St Peter 2? Replace sheet copper coverings on the north and south aisles. Repair rainwater goods
31/10/2017 £10,000 LONDON, FRIERN BARNET, All Saints 2? Repairs to spire, tower and W elevation stonework
31/10/2017 £40,000 BOSTON, St Botolph 2? Replacement of lead belfry roof and wooden platform at the top of the lantern tower, restoration work to the west face of the tower
31/10/2017 £12,000 LYTHAM ST ANNES, Fairhaven United Reformed Church 2? Treat and repair dry rot damage to bring an entrance and three rooms back into use
31/10/2017 £15,000 LONDON, STOKE NEWINGTON, St Andrew 3? Repairs to North nave and aisle roofs, rainwater goods, stonework, Great East window, stained glass on North side, ceilings
31/10/2017 £40,000 ABERDARE, St Elvan 2? Repairs to roof, spire, rainwater goods, repoint stonework, re-lead W window, below ground drainage, bells, new mezzanine floor with cafe, toilets and meeting space, exhibition space in N aisle, heating, water, electrical system renewal, pew removal
31/10/2017 £10,000 BIRMINGHAM, Edgbaston, St Germain 1? Install servery at West end
31/10/2017 £20,000 DONHEAD ST ANDREW, St Andrew 3? Roof repairs, gutters, roof insulation, asbestos removal, internal replastering, level nave floor, extension with accessible toilet, kitchen, storage, meeting room and boiler room.
31/10/2017 £20,000 BRISTOL, St Philip and St Jacob 2? Repairs to nave and chancel roofs and rainwater goods
31/10/2017 £20,000 THETFORD, St Cuthbert 1? Refurbish hall to provide new meeting room, kitchen and toilets, improve access to church, remove some pews to create space for refreshments
31/10/2017 £10,000 SEAVIEW, St Peter 1? Refurbish undercroft to include meetings rooms, kitchen and toilets
31/10/2017 £15,000 LISKEARD, St Martin 2? Install additional toilet and upgrade exsiting disabled toilet, create kichen area in SW corner of nave, create creche area in NW corner, remove/reposition nave pews, install underfloor heating
31/10/2017 £15,000 LONDON, STREATHAM, St Leonard 2? Roof repairs and installation of accessible toilet
30/06/2017 £10,000 STAMFORDHAM, St Mary the Virgin 3? Install a toilet in the base of the tower.
30/06/2017 £20,000 LONDON, STOKE NEWINGTON, St Andrew 3? Restore first floor hall: install toilets, upgrade kitchen, rewiring, new roof with insulation, new entrance, new ceilings and windows, repair heating system.
30/06/2017 £10,000 NEWTON ST LOE, Holy Trinity 2? Structural repairs to vestry
30/06/2017 £10,000 HUDDERSFIELD, Holy Trinity 1? Repairs to the South slopes of the nave and aisle roofs, associated repairs to the parapet stonework and clerestory lights, and to the rainwater goods.
30/06/2017 £10,000 LONDON, SOUTHWARK, St George the Martyr with St Alphege and St Jude 3? Repairs to stonework and gutters, install teapoint facilities in NW porch, install glass doors inside main entrance doors to create space for community café
30/06/2017 £10,000 CWMYSTWYTH, St Michael and All Angels (Eglwys Newydd/Hafod Church) 1? Roof repairs and rainwater goods
30/06/2017 £20,000 BARRY, All Saints 2? Roof repairs, rainwater goods, upgrade lighting and interpretation boards
30/06/2017 £20,000 SOUTHWOLD, St Edmund, King and Martyr 2? Install new heating, kitchen facilities, toilets, level access, create a flexible open space, expose original 15th century floor tiles, create a children’s area and a new viewing floor in the W tower, improve interpretation
30/06/2017 £20,000 LINLITHGOW, St Peter's Episcopal Church To build an extension to house kitchen, toilets and new meeting spaces.
30/06/2017 £12,000 STAUNTON-ON-WYE, St Mary 1? Repairs to tower roof and stonework, floor wall fittings and mullions, install accessible toilet in base of tower, install servery/kitchenette, improved lighting and heating.
30/06/2017 £20,000 KINGSTON UPON HULL, Hull Minster 1? Repairs to clerestory windows including stonework and associated glazing.
31/05/2017 £10,000 LONDON, PADDINGTON, St Mary Magdalene 2? DUPLICATE FOR FRIENDS VOTE - Creation of new wing/annexe on four levels with ticket office, foyer, bar/servery, 7 toilets, exhibition space, cafe, learning room, office. Some restoration work to interior, access works.
28/02/2017 £10,000 BOURNEMOUTH, Cornerstone Church 1? Improve toilet facilities, including disabled access toilet, new foyer area, catering facilities, two new meeting rooms, new fire doors, improved parking and access.
28/02/2017 £20,000 NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, St Thomas the Martyr 2? Roof repair and reform north side guttering with additional outlets to achieve effective water dispersal; to repair and redecorate damaged interior; to install new accessible lavatories and improve heritage interpretation
28/02/2017 £10,000 CONGLETON, St Peter 3? Repair/Replace Georgian ceiling above the nave
28/02/2017 £10,000 AUCKLAND, St Helen 3? Build an extension to the church to provide a community space, meeting room, toilet and refreshment facilities
28/02/2017 £10,000 DUNSCORE, Dunscore Parish Church Rectify water penetration that has occurred through the walls, roof and around the windows and restoration of damaged internal plaster work. Also some internal reconfiguration.
28/02/2017 £10,000 BELFAST, Mount Merrion Parish Church 1? Replacement of two laminated portal frames that are supporting the main roof.
28/02/2017 £10,000 SHREWSBURY, Holy Cross (Shrewsbury Abbey) 3? Repairs to stonework and kitchen replacement
28/02/2017 £10,000 WORCESTER, St Helen 4? Repairs to roof, stonework and gutters.
28/02/2017 £10,000 MALTON, Malton Methodist Church 1? Repair/Replace ceiling trusses to enable the building to reopen
30/11/2016 £10,000 LONDON, CATFORD, St Laurence 1? Structural window repairs, roof repairs
30/11/2016 £10,000 TUNSTALL, Sacred Heart 3? Roof repairs, rainwater goods, stonework repointing
30/11/2016 £40,000 KITTS GREEN, Birmingham, Our Lady Help of Christians 3? Roof repairs, rainwater goods
30/11/2016 £40,000 CUBERT, Cubert Church 1? Renew/repair roofs, gutters, tower repairs, structural repairs to South transept, repoint external walls and bell tower, internal replastering
30/11/2016 £20,000 WOLVERHAMPTON, St Mary & St John 3? Stonework repairs, install disabled access ramp, reopen narthex
30/11/2016 £10,000 SHEFFIELD, Cemetery Road Baptist Church 1? Funds to produce a building master plan including feasibility study for alteration and upgrade, detailed cost estimates, strategic funding plan and options for fine art installations.
30/11/2016 £40,000 LONDON, PADDINGTON, St Mary Magdalene 2? Creation of new wing/annexe on four levels with ticket office, foyer, bar/servery, 7 toilets, exhibition space, cafe, learning room, office. Some restoration work to interior, access works.
30/11/2016 £14,000 HOWDEN, Sacred Heart 2? Roof and gutter repairs including replacing plastic gutters, re-slating lower courses and replacing defective timbers
30/11/2016 £10,000 NEW BRIGHTON, Ss Peter, Paul and Philomena 2? Address urgent repair works to halt decay, including; cover asphalt roofs with Sarnafil membrane, restore damaged rainwater goods, repoint brick work and address major structural concrete issues.
30/11/2016 £10,000 ABERYSTWYTH, St Michaels and All Angels 1? Roof repairs, rainwater goods
30/11/2016 £10,000 KIDDERMINSTER, Baxter URC 1? Roof repairs, gutters, rainwater goods
30/11/2016 £20,000 GLOUCESTER, St Mary de Crypt 1? Install and refurbish toilets, install heating system, renewed electrical installations and lighting, easy-going stair, platform lift, glazed entrance lobby, level floors, art room with kitchen and coffee point
30/11/2016 £20,000 BIRMINGHAM, St Patrick, Dudley Road 3? Nave and North aisle roof repairs, stonework, repointing, replace rainwater goods
30/11/2016 £10,000 BISHOPS CASTLE, St John The Baptist 2? Install kitchen/servery and 2 toilets in North West corner
30/11/2016 £10,000 PERTH, Perth Methodist Church Create a community and cultural hub by increasing the number of toilets, refurbishing the kitchen, removing the fixed seating, levelling the floor and upgrading the heating system
30/11/2016 £10,000 BELFAST, May Street Presbyterian Church 1? Replace roof with natural slate pitched roofing, lead valleys and lead parapet gutters.
30/11/2016 £40,000 PAISLEY, Methodist Central Hall 2? Renew roof area and upgrade existing fabric and develop a Heritage project.
31/07/2016 £10,000 LUDHAM, St Catherine 3? Window repairs including repointing and releading
31/05/2016 £20,000 SOUTHPORT, Holy Trinity 2? Stonework and window repairs, installation of toilet pod in tower, installation of kitchen pod in north aisle, and creation of community space
31/05/2016 £10,000 CAREW, St Mary 4? Tower roof repairs, gutters, rainwater goods, heating, servery
31/05/2016 £10,000 SALTAIRE, Saltaire United Reformed Church 1? Refurbish existing WCs and corridor to provide accessible WCs, resite kitchen and create storage space.
31/05/2016 £20,000 LONDON, BOW, St Mary with Holy Trinity 3? Repair structure of timber stage of tower, spiral staircase, repoint stonework, windows, rainwater goods, drainage, install new furniture, including servery.
31/05/2016 £40,000 BRIGHTON, Kemp Town, St Mary 3? Roof, rainwater, window and masonry repairs
31/05/2016 £40,000 LEUCHARS, St Athernase Church of Scotland 4? Replace/renew roof coverings, restoration work to bell tower, interior of apse, leaded and stained glass windows, asbestos removal, repointing, install below ground drainage, rainwater goods, replace conrcrete roof parapaets, treat wet rot
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