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    Clean Air Task Force addresses the issue of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change through advocating for public policies that enact pollution regulations and by investing in improved energy technologies.

    A strong track-record of policy guidance in the US nationally, in areas that have a neglected focus gives them a unique approach that has propelled impact. The wealth of expertise their team hold was formed over a 25-year period and has made them the well-respected institution they are today. Solutions having proven effective domestically in the US has positioned them to expand globally, launching operations in the EU that aim to combat climate change through innovative policy development.

    They have received the highest possible 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and have been endorsed as a highly effective organisation by Founders Pledge.

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    To push the technology and policy changes needed to achieve a zero-emissions, high-energy planet at an affordable cost
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    • This charity is endorsed by respected charity impact evaluators
    • There has been strong growth in spending over the last 5 years
    • There have been no material income shortfalls in recent years
    Established: 28 years
    UN SDGs
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    31/12/22 $51,134,505 $40,518,743 $10,615,762 $40,740,885
    31/12/21 $31,558,232 $20,322,927 $11,235,305 $1,211,576 $31,921,240
    31/12/20 $19,592,223 $8,903,012 $10,689,211 $333,090 $19,651,777
    31/12/19 $11,386,533 $5,895,213 $5,491,320 $8,133,205
    31/12/18 $4,308,208 $6,161,366 -$1,853,158 $2,641,885
    31/12/17 $7,605,936 $5,368,687 $2,237,249 $4,495,043
    31/12/16 $4,721,438 $5,542,342 -$820,904 $2,257,794
    What it does
      Through technology innovation, policy change, and thought leadership, the Clean Air Task Force drives impact to prevent climate change through realistic solutions. They have a unique position to apply pressure to some of the biggest contributors and effect change in the biggest influencers that aids in reduction of carbon and other climate warming emissions

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      Endorsed by:
      • Giving What We Can
      • Founders Pledge
      • Charity Navigator

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      Sorry we have no information about the Trustees.

      Legal constitution
      • Not for Profit registered in USA on 01/07/1996, number: US04-3512550
      Main office

      114 State Street, 6th Floor Boston, MA 02109

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