Tythe launches with Environmental charity focus

Tythe is the latest initiative from the EQ Foundation – bringing a curated list of 9 highly effective Environmental charities together in one package and with a Matched Giving incentive.

For private individuals, finding effective charities takes time, even when you use Giving is Great’s search functions. And once you start to support a charity you’ll probably be bombarded with requests for more funding. Tythe is a new concept, devised by Dan Kwiatkowski – founder of CharityBase. EQ Foundation is proud to have supported its creation which heralds a new era for private giving.

Initially there are 9 charities in the Tythe Environment Collection – all of them approved and vetted by Giving is Great. They cover a wide range of interventions from marine conservation to urban tree planting, from solar lights to sand dams in Africa plus legal enforcement of existing rules and advocacy to drive better behaviours.

In addition to selecting and monitoring top charities, Tythe is committed to regular communications focused on the actual impact being achieved and linking this back to individual donations.