Real Impact, Real Change

Ask people about Charities and most will have heard of household names like Cancer Research, Save the Children and Oxfam. Big charities like these can afford to promote their names widely and that’s why they account for the lion’s share of donations. That means that over 170,000 other charities struggle to raise the funds they need, even though many of them are more effective.

Up until now it’s been almost impossible to find these hidden gems but Giving is Great is helping to change that. You can use our sophisticated search engine to identify great causes, or you can just go straight to our curated list of high impact charities.

Why are we doing this?
Because we want more funding to reach those charities that are doing the best work, not those that can spend more on fund raising. We are a registered charity and we are happy to spend part of our budget to help make that happen. It also helps us in our own quest for charities to support. We donate to most of or top rated charities.