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Over the last five years they've made 83 significant donations totalling £2,938,945

When Amount Grantee To be used for
31/01/2018 £119,494 Glasgow Caledonian University Foundation Strategic Grant - Based at the Scottish Centre for Innovation in Spinal Cord Injury, the Research Physiotherapist will undertake research to help understand the best type and amount of physiotherapy requited to ensure best functional outcome following spinal cord injury.
31/01/2018 £15,000 Home-Start Mid Argyll, Jura, Islay and Kintyre MAJIK will provide support to complex families in each area and will liaise with Statutory services ensuring each child is free from fear, harm and neglect. Continuing to work at a Strategic level to ensure a third sector input in planning and implementation of the CSP.
31/01/2018 £14,715 Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre, Perth & Kinross Supporting the continuation of vital therapeutic support services for young survivors and families living in Perth & Kinross.
31/01/2018 £15,000 National Theatre of Scotland Making autism spectrum condition (ASC) more understandable to neurotypical people by creating a piece of site-specific theatre, by and for people with ASC as well as delivering talks and discussions.
31/01/2018 £52,000 RNLI This project will provide a new lifeboat to replace Stranraer’s D class inshore lifeboat. The current boat has provided outstanding service, but is now reaching the end of its operational lifetime and will need to be replaced.
31/10/2017 £17,760 ClearVision Project ClearVision exists to promote and further the education of blind and partially sighted persons by creating dual print and braille books and operating the only free postal lending library of these books to families and organisations across the UK. This lets thousands of sighted parents sit and read with a visually impaired child, raising literacy and wellbeing.
31/10/2017 £38,154 Angus Special Playscheme Provision of fun and educational activities during school holidays for children aged 5-18 with additional support needs involving learning difficulties. Three age-related schemes plus one for complex needs involving one to one support, one for behavioural issues demanding small group. Specialist visitors and go out to local places of interest.
31/10/2017 £39,646 Caberfeidh Horizons Caberfeidh Horizons is a well established social enterprise, developing and delivering programmes of activities and training for young people and adults with learning disabilities/additional support needs. Seeking out and supporting people who are disadvantaged and whose needs are not met by mainstream government resources.
31/10/2017 £25,000 Euan's Guide The Ambassador Network aims to expand the network of disabled people submitting reviews to Euan’s Guide, promoting the guide as a tool for finding places with good disabled access and encouraging local communities to get involved – with the ultimate aim of improving confidence and choice of accessible places to go
31/10/2017 £45,480 Headway Highland Supporting adults with an acquired brain injury and their families/carers through the provision of peer led support groups. Accessing an accredited counselling service, quarterly newsletter, signposting to other services/organisations and developing a link worker role within main Highland hospital to offer support and information.
31/10/2017 £14,590 Interest Link Borders A volunteer befriending project for 50 children, young people and adults with learning disabilities living in the Scottish Borders, aimed at improving their happiness/mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, confidence, self-esteem and lifeskills. Respite for 50 family carers will also make family life more sustainable.
31/10/2017 £12,045 Paws for Progress CIC Paws for Progress is seeking support to give 12 rescue dogs most in need of help the opportunity to take part in our prison based dog training programme at HMP & YOI Polmont. This will give them the best chance of improved welfare and successfully being rehomed.
31/10/2017 £36,000 Scottish Huntington's Association To work in partnership with Ataxia UK to assess the financial impact of living with ataxia and develop SHA's existing Financial Wellbeing Service to meet those needs. To continue to deliver income maximisation, debt advice, financial planning advice and help to access financial products to people living with Huntington's disease.
31/10/2017 £19,000 Signpost Support and information for families of young people age 0-18 with additional support needs in West Lothian.
31/10/2017 £14,984 Action for Children Development of a pilot programme which demonstrates interventions with 4-6 young people at risk/affected by CSE. Establishing volume/scale within geographic pockets in Glasgow and introducing interventions/evaluating impact . They will establish need/effectiveness of educating and raising awareness of CSE within targeted communities, using key features of the existing Sidestep model.
31/10/2017 £74,773 Art Room, The Art Room and Place2BE are merging. Both charities are UK wide and have a shared aim of improving the mental wellbeing of vulnerable children using school-based interventions looking to integrate ways of working and beta-test a new model in Edinburgh from January 2018, prior to rolling out a joint programme across Scotland, England and Wales.
31/10/2017 £35,000 Garvald Edinburgh Gorgie Workshops are being refurbished to ensure that adults with learning disabilities have access to an environment where they can grow in confidence, skills and self-esteem. Upgrading the buildings accessibility facilities will benefit current, and new members, who have mobility and more complex needs.
31/10/2017 £30,000 Govan HELP Funding contribution sought for the continued employment of one Play Therapist, who will offer individual weekly Play Therapist, weekly Therapeutic Groupwork and Theraplay. The Play Therapist will work alongside her Play Therapy colleagues to accept referrals, assess children and offer therapeutic interventions and undertake evaluation.
31/10/2017 £15,000 Independence at Home The programme will benefit 84 people each year with neurological conditions living in various locations in Scotland.
31/10/2017 £45,000 Perth Autism Support Enhancing the current transition service to lower the age to 14 aligning with national recommendations of when transition planning should begin to allow our young people to have robust planning in place supported by autism specialist staff who understand the different needs of each child in planning transitions.
31/10/2017 £30,000 Revive MS Support Allocating staff resources appropriately to ensure the best way to deliver the developments and progress that is needed for the next 3 years.
31/10/2017 £30,000 Scottish Ballet Following a hugely successful pilot year, Scottish Ballet and Dance Base in Edinburgh are keen to keep momentum and respond to national demand by expanding Dance for Parkinson's Scotland proposing to deliver sessions in five new areas over the next three years, creating a total of seven regional hubs and reaching approximately 265 people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers.
31/10/2017 £30,000 Spark, The The Project will work with Babies born into difficult family environments to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect, poor mental health and adverse outcomes that impact their lifelong wellbeing. Interventions will work with parent(s) and baby together to optimise positive relationships, attachment and create circumstances that will allow them to thrive.
31/10/2017 £30,000 Speech Language Communication Company, The Unique, evidence-based befriending programme specifically to support isolated and marginalised young adults struggling to communicate due to very significant speech/language disorders. GAB is user-led and allows YP to control and plan social activities supported by a trusted and trained buddy (based on a previous pilot supported by The RS Macdonald Trust).
31/10/2017 £60,000 Tailor Ed Foundation Tailor Ed Foundation supports children living in Edinburgh under 16 with autism to develop the skills that they need for daily life. Through our support and working alongside parents and carers, children will become active members of their families and communities as they access a package of services designed and timed to maximise outcomes and efficiency.
31/10/2017 £50,400 Upward Mobility Ltd Increasing the capacity of Upward Mobility enabling them to meet the increasing demand from people with additional support needs for services.
31/10/2017 £15,000 WellChild WellChild’s Ayrshire & Arran ‘Better At Home’ training programme will educate and support, parents and carers of children with exceptional healthcare needs. Using a state of the art simulation mannequin, a specialist paediatric nurse educator will deliver the training wherever and whenever required, e.g. the family home, local surgery.
31/10/2017 £22,300 Abbeyfield Ballachulish Society Ltd Appointment of Activities Officer to design a programme of stimulating activities for elderly clients the majority of whom have dementia. The programme will ensure the best quality of life for clients through the promotion of social interaction and life skills.
31/10/2017 £87,000 Alzheimer's Society Funding for a PhD student extension programme at the Scotland Doctoral Training Centre. The extensions will allow PhD students to complete additional research and outputs including published papers, presentations and attendance at conferences. Alzheimer's Society will invite applications and assess the proposals from current PhD students and evaluate the success of the programme. If appropriate offer for two years to accommodate a maximum of eight PhD students across the Doctoral Training Centre in Scotland.
31/10/2017 £21,000 Art Room, The Provide therapeutic support through art to vulnerable children in Edinburgh many of whom are experiencing abuse and neglect. Based within schools and work closely with other support services and the local community, seeking to build children’s capacity to develop healthy relationships and increase their self-worth and confidence.
31/10/2017 £20,000 Headway Glasgow Core running costs of Headway Glasgow. This would include providing information, support and group activities for people with an acquired brain injury and their carers.
31/10/2017 £20,000 Queen Margaret University Advancing the knowledge base underpinning the theory and practice of rehabilitation with a particular focus on people living with a neurological condition challenging traditional notions of rehabilitation and undertake research to advance knowledge and understanding of a new concept called ‘UIltrabilitation’.
31/10/2017 £51,126 Rowan Alba Rowan Alba’s Community Alcohol Related Damage Service is open to anyone who has, or is at risk of developing, Alcohol Related Brain Damage. They have a Peer Support Service as part of CARDS, and would like to recruit more volunteers.
31/10/2017 £21,600 Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Grow & Learn is The Caley's flagship horticultural education project offering people with complex learning needs and mental health challenges a unique and highly regarded person centred award framework that recognises personal progress and achievement in a garden setting.
31/10/2017 £20,260 Volunteer Tutors Organisation To develop the provision of free one to one tuition and supported homework groups targeted at children from the most deprived communities in Glasgow with a specific focus on Children in Kinship Care arrangements aimed at enhancing their life chances and life skills through education.
31/10/2017 £18,000 Deafblind Scotland The Community Circles project aims to develop communities to become deafblind aware so they have the capacity to enable deafblind people to reengage and participate in their community’s social activities
31/10/2017 £60,000 Down's Syndrome Scotland The Family Support Service provides comprehensive support to parents and carers of children and adults with Down's syndrome in all 32 local authority areas in Scotland providing information, support and skills development opportunities to help people with Down's Syndrome engage fully in their communities and realise their full potential.
31/10/2017 £40,000 University of Glasgow Trust Application for seedcorn funding for research in the area of stroke and brain imaging at the University of Glasgow
31/10/2017 £38,280 Argyll & Bute Rape Crisis This Project provides one to one support and prevention work to vulnerable young people within the Learning Support Units at Dunoon and Lochgilphead Secondary Schools.
31/10/2017 £32,643 Castlemilk Youth Complex Providing an individual therapy/support programme for children and young people with a neurological condition. The minimum 12 week programme will be based on the needs of each individual and may include aromatherapy massage, reiki, reflexology, stress management, relaxation and counselling
31/10/2017 £36,000 Glasgow City Mission Children from 0-12 and their families at the Child and Family Centre in Linthouse Govan, are given the best possible start in life as well as enabling the parents to feel confident in their parenting abilities and to fulfil their own potential. Funding is towards the salary of the Centre's Project Manager.
31/10/2017 £45,000 Pass IT On Pass IT On adapts donated computers and gives them to people with disabilities and long-term health conditions who live in the Edinburgh area and who find it difficult or impossible to access publicly available IT. Volunteering opportunities for people with extra support needs are also provided.
31/10/2017 £40,657 Scottish Adoption The Adoption Therapy Centre provides innovative post adoption support and therapeutic services to strengthen adoptive families. It helps adopted children and young people to manage their emotions and behaviour. It gives adoptive parents the tools they need to help their child to heal from traumatic early childhood experiences.
31/10/2017 £25,000 Scottish Autism An empty former care home was purchased in November 2016 which will be renovated into accommodation for eight individuals currently supported in and around the Alloa area. The property will provide suitable, autism specific accommodation for individuals with autism as they start to grow older
31/08/2017 £15,000 Down's Syndrome Scotland Down's Syndrome Scotland will host the World Down Syndrome Congress in Glasgow's SECC in July 2018. A contribution towards a bursary to fully fund the cost of between 16 to 20 Scottish families attendance at this international event.
31/08/2017 £116,204 Lucy Faithfull Foundation / Stop It Now! Scotland A secondary prevention model for young people who are starting to get into trouble with respect to online behaviour. This will involve embedding a Stop it Now member of staff in the statutory HALT service in Glasgow which works with young people who have displayed harmful sexual behaviour.
31/05/2017 £120,000 Scottish SPCA Promoting positive interactions between children and animals by launching a bespoke prevention through education programme for ‘at risk’ children.
31/05/2017 £50,000 Yard, The Initial investment to cover the professional and architect fees costs for the first stage of the capital project to build a new centre in Dundee.
30/04/2017 £36,124 Children's Food Trust, The This two-year activity will support the welfare of children under the age of eighteen who have experienced or are experiencing challenging circumstances. Empowering them to develop skills for life and make informed decisions that will have a real benefit to their health, wellbeing and confidence.
30/04/2017 £46,940 Family Rights Group To undertake a three year trial of Lifelong Links in Scotland aimed at building lasting relationships for looked after children. The funding would enable Family Rights Group to support the trial in West Lothian and Children1st to conduct Lifelong Links with children in that locality from April 2018.
30/04/2017 £10,000 South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital Help with running cost for the Wildlife Hospital
30/04/2017 £10,000 Whizz-Kidz Thr Ambassador Clubs in Scotland offers chance for disabled children and young people to make friends, have fun and learn new skills at clubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as one in Dundee being launched.
30/04/2017 £42,500 Alzheimer's Society Led by Professor Karen Horsburgh, University of Edinburgh, this PhD student will join others at the Scotland Doctoral Training Centre, to investigate the effects of reduced blood flow to the brain in dementia looking specifically at immune cells and whether they contribute to damage that leads to dementia.
30/04/2017 £36,000 Baillieston Community Care Funding towards the overall running costs of one of the organisation’s most important resources – Bealach House Day Care Centre operating a comprehensive service around the specific requirements of each service user, led by staff who have been trained in dementia care.
30/04/2017 £20,000 Columcille Centre Many people coming to Columcille suffer from deteriorating health and mobility due to increasing age and profound multiple disabilities/neurological conditions. A minibus with wheelchair lift giving greater accessibility has been recently purchased. Funding is needed towards the 3-year running costs of the minibus to provide free, safe and reliable transport.
30/04/2017 £48,859 Epilepsy Research UK (ERUK) Dr Connolly at the University of Dundee has recently discovered that brain networks can transmit warning signals to bystander cells that allows them to transiently shut down network activity. This network inactivation removes their vulnerability to toxic hyperactivity. The project questions whether the same process may be harnessed to shut down epileptic seizures
30/04/2017 £18,000 Granton Youth Centre A youth counselling service for young people aged 11-18 years living in a recognised area of socio-economic deprivation, looking to address the cycle of violence, neglect and abuse suffered.
30/04/2017 £30,000 LifeCare (Edinburgh) Limited Bringing Extra Years of Zest to 110 people with dementia and their carers to improve sense of being, quality of life, to live longer at home, reduce isolation and loneliness, and provide replacement care for carers to see to their own needs and well-being and to maintain their health.
30/04/2017 £18,000 Reidvale Adventure Play Association Limited A Playworker to work specifically with a group of approximately 8 young people aged 8-16 years attending the project every week and who have a range of disabilities some multiple such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Developmental Delay, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, partially sighted, Epilepsy, hearing impaired and Cerebral Palsy/wheelchair using.
30/04/2017 £25,000 Safe Strong and Free After 27 years in Highland, SSF intends to bring the programme to neighbouring Moray. Feedback has always suggested the programme should be available across Scotland and this is the intention.
30/04/2017 £37,500 Salvesen Mindroom Centre, The Mindroom is committed to raising awareness about the full range of Learning Difficulties and to enabling parents, carers and professionals to provide the best care and support for children and young people working for a world where everyone with a learning difficulty gets the recognition and help they need.
30/04/2017 £33,144 Tommy's Testing the effects of statins on brain development as they might prevent the brain injury associated with preterm birth and this could help the 600,000 children born every year who are affected by this condition.
30/04/2017 £38,238 Dementia Services Development Trust Providing educational workshops and an online learning hub for family carers for people with dementia and volunteers. Education will provide them with a better understanding of dementia and therefore allow them to better support those they care for.
30/04/2017 £54,000 Dogs Trust The Freedom Project provides a safe place for pets, enabling domestic abuse sufferers to take the decision to leave their abusive partner. People who are violent often threaten or harm a pet making it difficult for the victim to make the decision to leave.
30/04/2017 £14,408 MS Society, The Investigating 10 recently discovered factors produced by microglia and identifying those that may be important in promoting myelin repair in MS exploring how these molecules work by identifying how they change the behaviour of the cells in the brain capable of repairing myelin, called oligodendrocytes.
30/04/2017 £30,000 Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Scotland Funding to provide 3,600 hours / sessions of music therapy for around 75 people with neurological conditions in Edinburgh and the Lothians over a 3 year period (April 2017 - March 2020).
30/04/2017 £43,500 PLUS (Forth Valley) Ltd Participation PLUS will focus on increasing opportunities for supported inclusion in mainstream clubs and groups for individuals with additional support needs through the recruitment of volunteers. This post will unlock the potential of individuals with additional support needs through opportunities for volunteering, training and the development of leadership skills.
30/04/2017 £79,957 Tayside Council on Alcohol Creative Therapies supports the recovery of children/young people traumatised by the impact of neglect/abuse as a result of parental substance misuse. It promotes the welfare and well-being of the children, by building resilience, confidence, self-esteem and coping mechanisms as to prevent further traumatisation and abuse building a positive future.
30/04/2017 £45,000 Theirworld Preterm birth is associated with long-term disease of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. These associations may be mediated by perinatal re-programming of the brain-hormone axis that regulates physiological stress responses. A clinical PhD studentship will determine whether preterm birth modifies brain-hormone programming in women and their infants.
30/04/2017 £30,000 Tiphereth Ltd Promoting involvement and participation in society and empower people with neurological conditions and visual impairment to lead better lives.
30/04/2017 £16,000 Canine Partners There are currently four individuals, who suffer from neurological conditions and will therefore be matched with a canine partner this year. This project focuses on assessing each individual and training them on how to work with and care for their canine partner.
30/04/2017 £20,000 Freedom From Torture Providing therapeutic and legal and welfare advice, advocacy and casework to help children and young people who are survivors of torture and organised violence to recover and ensure their protection and address the complex practical needs they face in their journey of recovery.
30/04/2017 £20,000 Junction Young People Health & Wellbeing, The A dedicated Trauma Worker to provide one to one support for young people aged 12-18 who are or have experienced sexual abuse and the numerous impacts it can have on health and wellbeing.
30/04/2017 £20,000 St Andrew's Children's Society Babies are placed with specially prepared foster parents, while support is given by our partner social services to help birth parents, who live unsuitably chaotic lifestyles, to be able to parent the child satisfactorily. Throughout the process, the Sheriff Court is aware of the process and disruption to the child is minimised.
30/04/2017 £30,540 Thistle Health and Wellbeing Supporting people with neurological conditions by finding the tools to cope with their condition and manage life better. People can progress at their own pace and access services in a non-prescriptive way.
30/04/2017 £10,000 Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU) Seeking funds to repair and rebuild their dedicated Land Rover Defender Ambulance, central to its life-saving work with live-stranded whales and dolphins in northeast Scotland. The vehicle is now 13 years old and extensive salt corrosion and resulted in urgent mechanical and structural work at this time, as well as the addition of new search lights, towing accessories and a veterinary box trailer.
30/04/2017 £40,000 Children 1st Working with children and their families living in the south side of Glasgow who are experiencing multiple challenges that if left to escalate are putting the welfare of children at risk preventing children from experiencing abuse/neglect and helping children and their families who have experienced abuse to recover.
30/04/2017 £55,426 Diabetes UK Professor Rory McCrimmon will investigate whether high blood glucose levels and regular episodes of hypoglycaemia ('hypos') contribute to accelerated ageing of the brain, which is seen in some people with diabetes. His findings could reveal a way to improve the defence systems in the brain to help prevent these changes.
30/04/2017 £43,000 Volunteering Matters Providing befriending to young people in Clackmannanshire who are vulnerable, disadvantaged and on the fringe of care. Included will be children who may have experienced social isolation, bullying, emotional, domestic or sexual abuse, neglect, parental substance addiction, disability or any combination of these.
31/01/2017 £10,000 Learning Tree Partnership, The To develop customer service learning and training for people with a learning disability. A full time development worker would enable people to have regular training and practical experience leading on to accredited qualifications which would help to move towards employment and or volunteering.
31/10/2016 £41,650 Daisy Garland, The To fund two part-time Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitians at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh for a three-year period - to treat children with drug resistant epilepsy, living in Scotland. This medically-recognised diet transforms lives!
30/04/2016 £16,048 INSPIRE Foundation, The Having already developed a hospital based system to combat neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury, the team are now using the latest technology to research a scaled down but similar home based portable treatment system. This will be developed by the University/QEUH Glasgow reaching out to patients throughout Scotland.
30/04/2015 £45,000 International Spinal Research Trust This project will test an innovative combination therapy for spinal cord injury which aims to stimulate siganlling mechanisms within cells in the spinal cord which naturally promote the growth of axons (nerve fibres), and support this nerve growth by a silk bridge across the injury site.
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