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Over the last five years they've made 45 significant donations totalling £7,323,888

When Amount Grantee To be used for
31/10/2017 £195,545 Institute for Fiscal Studies Inheritances and inequality within generations
31/10/2017 £145,825 Institute for Fiscal Studies Education Spending Pressures and Challenges
31/10/2017 £378,204 University of East Anglia - School of Health Sciences Development of an assent-based process for the inclusion of adults with impairments of capacity and/or communication in ethically-sound research
31/10/2017 £158,962 University of Nottingham - School of Education PISA: Engagement, Attainment and interest in Science (PEAS)
31/10/2017 £10,506 Lancaster University - Department of Sociology Towards a family justice observatory – a scoping study
31/10/2017 £171,299 University of Oxford - Department of Social Policy and Intervention The wealth of families: long-lasting consequences of family wealth for adult socio-economic attainment and wellbeing
31/10/2017 £263,652 Kingston University - Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education Identifying and understanding the link between system conditions and welfare inequalities in statutory children's social care services
31/10/2017 £306,733 Aston University - School of Life and Health Sciences Reading and Vocabulary (RAV): How do reading ability and reading practice influence vocabulary growth?
31/10/2017 £328,163 University of Essex - Institute for Social and Economic Research Understanding and improving data linkage consent in surveys
31/10/2017 £182,668 University of Bedfordshire - Institute of Applied Social Research The pathways of Incarcerated Children in Care: Implications for Policy and Professional Practice
31/10/2017 £168,422 University of Manchester - Manchester Institute of Education Choice and Progression in the Transition from Secondary Education: The Experience of GCSE Lower Attainers and the Potential for Change at the City-Region Level
31/08/2017 £79,850 Family Rights Group Addressing the 'care-cases crisis', a sector-led review
30/06/2017 £38,490 Institute for Government Nuffield/ESRC History of UK Public Spending Project: Proposal for Engagement Activity by the Institute for Government in Conjunction with the Research Team
30/06/2017 £113,830 University of Manchester - School of Law Immigration Judicial Reviews
30/06/2017 £192,107 University of the West of England - Faculty of Law Investigating the reasons for the rise in Care Order Applications in the Family Courts with particular focus on the Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre
30/06/2017 £1,000,500 London School of Economics and Political Science - Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion Social policies and distributional outcomes in a changing Britain
31/05/2017 £24,110 University of Birmingham - Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) Vulnerable migrants and wellbeing: A pilot study
30/04/2017 £47,579 Education Policy Institute Epidemiology of Special Educational Needs: Who gets access to support in school, and how does this correspond with access to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services for relevant groups?
30/04/2017 £395,724 University of East Anglia - Centre for Research on Children and Families Understanding the scale, pattern and dynamics of birth fathers' recurrent appearance in care proceedings: what are the challenges for fathers' rehabilitation and better life chances?
30/04/2017 £188,407 University of Essex - Institute for Social and Economic Research Investigating People-Place Effects in the UK using Linked Longitudinal Survey and Administrative Data
30/04/2017 £175,228 University College London Looked-after children grown up
30/04/2017 £314,052 University of Bristol - School for Policy Studies The Educational Attainment and Progress of Children in Need and Children in Care
30/04/2017 £220,224 University of Oxford - Department of Experimental Psychology The impact of ethnic diversity on well-being and health
30/04/2017 £173,589 University of Warwick - Institute for Employment Research Degrees of Advantage? A longer-term investigation of the careers of UK graduates
30/04/2017 £256,298 University of Nottingham - School of Education Mathematics in Further Education Colleges (MiFEC)
30/04/2017 £225,764 University of York - Department of Education Assessing Changes in Preschoolers’ Home Learning Environment Following the Early Words Together Programme
30/04/2017 £181,367 University of York - Department of Environment and Geography Immigration and well-being
30/04/2017 £258,787 Edinburgh Napier University - The Business School The Mental Health MHTS For Scotland: The views and experiences of patients, Named Person, Practitioners and MHTS members
31/03/2017 £40,000 Full Fact Full Fact Election 2017
31/03/2017 £68,796 Institute for Fiscal Studies IFS Election Proposal 2017
31/03/2017 £43,780 National Institute of Economic and Social Research June 2017 election briefing and analysis on key economic themes
31/03/2017 £18,189 Bryson Purdon Social Research LLP Can we improve the survey representation of non-resident parents, and collect robust data on reasons for separation?
28/02/2017 £47,921 Institute for Fiscal Studies Feasibility study for a scalable and sustainable home-visiting programme for disadvantaged young children in England
28/02/2017 £79,700 Coram - Coram Life Education Visualising data in care proceedings
28/02/2017 £28,956 Sense About Science Evidence Matters: reviewing transparency in government’s use of evidence
28/02/2017 £17,000 Cardiff University - Cardiff School of Law and Politics Pensions on Divorce Interdisciplinary Working Group
28/02/2017 £57,198 University of Essex - Institute for Social and Economic Research Impact of the Universal Infant Free School Meal policy
31/10/2016 £30,000 Royal College of Physicians Professionalism and Trust
31/10/2016 £219,866 National Foundation for Educational Research A diagnostic analysis of the effect of retention and turnover on the teaching workforce
30/06/2016 £155,640 Centre for Justice Innovation Enhancing problem-solving practice in youth court
30/04/2016 £97,445 Institute for Fiscal Studies The impact of different council tax support schemes on claimants and local authorities
30/04/2016 £99,819 Centre for Sustainable Energy Smart prepayment meters: realising the promise for fuel poor and vulnerable households
31/03/2016 £33,854 Sense About Science Benchmarking transparency in government’s use of evidence: seeking cross-cutting system and culture change to support initiatives on evidence in policy
31/10/2015 £74,675 National Institute of Economic and Social Research Pay determination and labour market outcomes in the UK: The influence of imports from low-wage countries
30/09/2015 £15,164 Cardiff University - Cardiff Law School Evaluating the responses to, and effects of, judicial guidance on publishing family court judgments involving children and young people.
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