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National Lottery49%47%
Garfield Weston Foundation26%30%
Lloyds Bank Foundation24%24%
The Big Lottery Fund11%9%
Co-operative Group11%10%
The Henry Smith Charity10%9%
The Clothworkers Foundation7%10%
Comic Relief7%9%
Pears Foundation6%3%
City Bridge Trust6%6%
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In this period they've made 86 significant donations to registered charities totalling £3,353,786

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
28/11/2019 £2,760 4SIGHT VISION SUPPORT 4? Develop and implement a Fundraising Strategy for the Centenary4Sight campaign
28/11/2019 £3,850 INDEPENDENT ARTS 9? Development of an Income Diversification and Engagement Strategy
31/05/2019 £29,035 The Percival Guild House 1? Building grant: to improve accessibility to the listed building to older people and those with walking difficulties or physical disabilities
31/05/2019 £22,047 Alnwick Playhouse 3? Building grant: to improve the Playhouse facilities for auidence members who are older people and/or have access and disability needs
31/05/2019 £39,735 The End of Life Partnership 1? To develop and provide simulation-based training around end of life care delivered in situ (in care homes) involving an innovative use of technology
31/05/2019 £39,896 Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire 2? Building grant: to replace lift in City Centre Activity Centre. Many older people who visit the centre are unable to use the stairs and therefore access the activities on offer. The Centre brings older people, many of whom are isolated, together offering them a place to socialise, enjoy home cooked food, keep fit, be creative and maintain a sense of independence.
31/05/2019 £38,620 Heeley City Farm 4? Farming To You combines animal-assisted therapy and art therapy as a new development of care and support service that is at the heart for older people.
31/05/2019 £39,002 Timebanking UK 3? The time banks will work directly with older people to who need some form of extra support to make everyday living that bit easier and to enable them access to medical appointments or to leave hospital at the earliest opportunity
31/05/2019 £5,081 Scalloway Youth and Community Centre 1? Building grant: to extend current 60+ exercise project to cater for up to 50 participants and to provide a more inclusive service for those with more severe disability
10/12/2018 £7,857 The Eric Liddell Centre 3? Building grant: to improve series of informative talks for carers and events for the local community by upgrading AV equipment and hearing loops system to be more accessible for people with hearing loss
10/12/2018 £18,524 Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Trust 1? A series of creative writing workshops for older people
10/12/2018 £39,967 The Strettons Mayfair Trust 4? To pilot a new model of service for older people with care and support needs in a community setting and to reduce loneliness and isolation for older people in south Shropshire as a result
10/12/2018 £37,850 SubCo Trust 3? Culturally appropriate end-of-life care for older people of Asian ethnicity
30/11/2018 £18,524 Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Trust 1? A series of creative writing workshops for older people
30/11/2018 £24,935 THE HARDMAN CENTRE 1? Funding to pilot a one-year project called Gateshead Lunch Buddies, which will enable us to employ a part-time volunteer coordinator to recruit and support a team of volunteers. The volunteers will take lunches prepared in our kitchen out to vulnerable, isolated older people in Gateshead
30/11/2018 £46,000 Glamis Hall for All 3? Building grant: bathroom rebuild for day centre for people over 50 who are socially isolated
30/11/2018 £39,967 The Strettons Mayfair Trust 4? To pilot a new model of service for older people with care and support needs in a community setting and to reduce loneliness and isolation for older people in south Shropshire as a result
30/11/2018 £45,000 The Abbeyfield Lancashire Extra Care Society 3? Building grant: enhancement of the outdoor and indoor and living space for the dementia unit at Abbeyfield Care Home Clitheroe
30/11/2018 £37,850 SubCo Trust 3? Culturally appropriate end-of-life care for older people of Asian ethnicity
31/10/2018 £100,000 Nesta 3? Nesta Health Lab - Dunhill Medical Trust Social Movements Incubator Programme
30/09/2018 £20,000 Care & Repair England Improving the health, housing and ageing evidence base. Care & Repair England set up this initiative to tackle the issue of the lack of evidence of housing impact, particularly for the pratical housing services that help the large majority of older people who live in mainstream housing
17/07/2018 £3,700 Plymouth Music Zone 5? Learning Partnership with Royal Philharmoic Orchestra
18/06/2018 £4,739 Community Council for Berkshire 1? To identify rural communities in Berkshire where there are few engaging social activities taking place that focus on older people and offer opportunities to improve physical and mental wellbeing
18/06/2018 £5,000 Healthwatch Nottingham and Nottinghamshire 1? To develop the knowledge, capability and skills of staff and volunteers to research and gather evidence from older people (75+) transitioning from health into social care services
31/05/2018 £37,568 4Sight Vision Support 4? The creation and implementation of a sight loss care pathway for older people who are visually impaired in West Sussex
31/05/2018 £13,314 YMCA East Surrey 4? A minibus service offering regular, reliable and affordable transport to older people and disabled people from areas surrounding our Sports and Community Centre, enabling them to attend rehabilitative exercise sessions.
31/05/2018 £100,000 Age Connects Morgannwg 3? Building grant: to turn current St Mair's day centre into a multifunctional community hub. This project will introduce new facilities that will improve access to health and well-being activities, education and social interaction for older people
31/05/2018 £37,425 Bosnia and Herzegovina UK Network 2? To enable access to a high level of culturally appropriate care for older people in the homes of the long-term ill and dying Bosnian refugees.
31/05/2018 £37,000 Independent Arts 9? Changing Spaces is a culture-change project designed to improve the lives of older people in residential settings by providing a sustainable programme of creative activities to those in care. It takes an holistic approach engaging residents, staff and the wider community to actively transform care homes into creative spaces making them places where individuals can learn, live and thrive
30/11/2017 £39,448 Action for Elders Trust 5? This project will be a pioneering health and wellbeing project run by and for older people, designed to create a more fulfilling later life for residents of Swansea Bay
30/11/2017 £39,510 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 3? To enhance stroke recovery for patients and their carers using group creative music-making alongside professional musicians
30/11/2017 £39,836 Care and Repair Cymru 4? An accredited list of builders who operate to designated standards in relation to quality of work, value for money, timeliness, site cleanliness, customer care and understanding the issues and needs of older people
31/08/2017 £52,500 Warwickshire Vision Support 2? To support people with visual impariment through advice on practical considerations and support groups
31/08/2017 £43,000 Daventry Area Community Transport 3? An extension to the current building in order to establish a mobility shop for those in the community who suffer disability, such as the elderly
31/08/2017 £64,450 East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust 1? To ensure nobody dies alone at the Lister Hospital, Stevenage
31/08/2017 £20,000 Age UK East Sussex 6? Small grant towards the purchase of a new Citroen Relay Van which will be used as a Benefits Advice and Community Resources centre in order to reach older people currently unreachable
31/05/2017 £25,000 The Skinner's Almshouse Charity 2? Building grant: refurbishment of almshouse for older people
31/05/2017 £40,000 Toynbee Hall 10? Building grant: to develop a Centre for Wellbeing, a unique space dedicated to improving the wellbeing of our community, including older people
31/05/2017 £25,000 Paintings in Hospitals 4? The project aims to improve the wellbeing of older people in care homes, rolling out an innovative project bringing visual arts and creative activities to care homes in three new regions
31/05/2017 £75,000 Dementia Adventure 2? Contribution to the supported short breaks they offer for people living with dementia and their carers
31/05/2017 £30,000 Hospiscare 2? This project pairs individual care navigators and hospice patients with the aim of creating long-term trusting relationships. Volunteers offer the patients social, emotional and practical support and guidance.
31/05/2017 £30,000 Castle Point Social Car Scheme Lt 3? The mobility vehicle will support trips to long distance hospital appointments, airports, friends and family etc. for older people in wheelchairs and those with restricted mobility
31/05/2017 £25,000 Bridgnorth Housing Trust 1? Building grant: for 22 new almshouses
28/02/2017 £67,817 Helix Arts Limited 9? Falling on your feet is a dance for health programme for older people who are living independently to improve balance, strength and flexibility
28/02/2017 £25,000 Green Pastures 1? Building grant: New Green Pastures Nursing Home for older people with dementia and nursing care needs
28/02/2017 £25,000 Estuary League of Friends 7? Building grant: new community hub for vulneralble and disadvantaged people in the community, particularly vulnerable older people
28/02/2017 £25,000 Camphill Devon Community Ltd 1? Building grant: Extension of Merlin House to increase access for older residents
28/02/2017 £59,243 The Rainbow Centre 3? Staffing costs to support the expansion of the services for adults affected by long-term neurological conditions
28/02/2017 £25,448 Chapter Arts Centre 4? Salary of a Dementia Officer for the social and cultural programme
28/02/2017 £90,000 Walthew House (Eyeline Stockport) The Information Safety Net will provide a dedicated resource to support older people with sensory loss to access the information and support they need, in British Sign Language, audio formats, large print, Braille and face-to-face.
30/11/2016 £60,514 Age UK Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin 1? This project will bring together Age UK Shropshire's ageing well and friendship services to allow them to maximise the range of opportunities they can offer older people to develop meaningful contact
30/11/2016 £13,500 Dorset County Hopsital Charity 3? This project aims to support dementia patients at Dorset County Hospital, by building a reminiscence room
30/11/2016 £117,045 Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust 3? Improving the wellbeing of older people through dance workshops in hospital
30/11/2016 £67,400 Age UK Canterbury 1? The Community Support Connector will offer the support that older people may need to make life choices and changes
30/11/2016 £21,000 Us in a Bus 4? At the heart of Us in a Bus's work is intensive interaction which is a simple, intuitive way of exploring early stages of communication with people whose learning disabilities and complex needs can throw up barriers to connection
30/11/2016 £85,166 Fair Shares Gloucestershire 1? This project will address the social and emotional needs of older people in Gloucester with health issues, including physical disabilities, mental health issues, lifelong health conditions etc.
30/09/2016 £15,000 Age UK Wigan Borough 3? Befriending project for socially isolated and lonely older people
30/09/2016 £14,860 East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre 4? To help older people with deteriorating hearing to prepare for the onset of deafness
31/08/2016 £22,000 Fynvola Foundation 1? Fynvola provides a home for people, including the elderly, who have complex learning disabilities
31/08/2016 £25,000 Lilian Faithfull Homes 1? Building Grant: A new day care centre for people suffering from the early stages of dementia
31/08/2016 £26,524 Deafblind Scotland 6? This project provides information on social welfare, welfare benefits, employment rights etc. to those with visual and/or auditory impairments, the majority of which are elderly
31/08/2016 £89,566 Volunteer Now 1? The key objective of this project is to combat social isolation among many older patients presenting to GPs through a social presribing model with advice, information and support offered by volunteers in 3 GP practices in East Belfast
30/06/2016 £69,066 Age UK Islington 2? The purpose of this project is to provide more intensive support, to help older people presenting a range of health and emotional barriers to take part in regular, community-based activities
31/05/2016 £25,000 Amersham United Charities 1? Building grant: to reonvate almshouse which provides accomodation for vulnerable older people
31/05/2016 £25,000 Thorngate Almshouse Trust 1? Building grant: To provide 10 new one-bedroom flats for independent and assisted living of older people with limited means
31/05/2016 £60,126 Age UK Northumberland 3? Improving the Physical, Mental and Social Wellbeing of Older People Living with Long Term Conditions
31/05/2016 £40,646 Contact the Elderly 7? Monthly tea parties in Manchester for older people to tackle social isolation and loneliness
31/05/2016 £31,573 Reading Association for the Blind 2? This programme will allow visiting officers to visit sight-imparied people at home, who are often elderly and frail, and help them monitor their physical and mental health and keep their homes safe and hazard free
29/02/2016 £23,698 Newent Association for the Disabled 2? Therapy Activity and Social Care (TASC) Coordinator to help provide an extensive activities programme for older people
29/02/2016 £26,720 Volunteering in Health 1? The Carer Support Worker will offer both practical and emotional support to help older carers overcome isolation and loneliness
29/02/2016 £22,500 Life Cycle UK 6? "Silver Cyclists" is a scheme which organises friendly, relaxed group bicycle rides exclusively for over-55s; providing tailored support to enable older people to stay physically mobile and socially active
30/11/2015 £90,000 Age UK Bromley & Greenwich 2? Staffing grant: Men in Sheds Coordinator's salary. The aim of the Men in Sheds project is to reduce the loneliness and social isolation experienced by older men
30/11/2015 £47,226 East Devon Volunteer Support Agency 8? Pilot project to improve the care and well-being of isolated older people in East Devon, through the provision of reminiscence services
30/11/2015 £36,000 City of London Sinfonia 3? This project brings together musicians with Jewish refugees and survivors of Nazi persecution, many of whom suffer from dementia, for a series of interactive concerts
30/11/2015 £69,817 Shared Lives Plus Limited 5? Pilot of Shared Lives to improve the care and rehabilitation of older people leaving hospital
30/11/2015 £17,812 Cornwall Heritage Trust 1? A multi-faceted project based on the World Heritage Status Cornish Mining Industry. The purpose is to provide the maximum participatory benefits to older people with disabilities.
30/11/2015 £60,000 Age UK Bath and N.E Somerset 5? New post for the management of the enrichment and active programme and the day centre service for older people
30/09/2015 £25,000 Rowland Hill Almshouses 1? Building grant: windows replacement in almshouse which provides good quality and affordable housing for local elderly women to increase thermal efficiency
30/09/2015 £30,690 BASIC 5? Salary for a Full-Time Physiotherapist to Work with Older Service Users of Virtual Reality
30/09/2015 £12,500 SubCo Trust 3? Working with vulnerable older Asian carers so that they are better informed about services and support available to them
31/08/2015 £60,995 Totnes Caring Ltd 2? Staffing grant: salaries of the Volunteer Co-ordinator and Transport Co-ordinator
31/08/2015 £93,528 Tower Hamlets Friends & Neighbours 6? Befriending and Advocacy Service for older people, to ensure older people in LB Tower Hamlets are not alone, have the opportunity to go out and meet other people, and have access to health care and support when they need it.
31/08/2015 £40,860 Age UK Dorchester 1? The Reach Out service aims to tackle social isolation of older people by working with partner agencies to help older people develop new networks and new interests.
31/08/2015 £31,626 Alzheimers Support Wiltshire 5? This service offers trained support workers who help carers of people with dementia to enjoy social contact and to continue to pursue their interests. This service provides a break to family carers by taking over caring responsibilities for a few hours each week.
31/05/2015 £45,705 Action On Elder Abuse 7? Structured one-to-one peer support for older people who have been the victim of abuse
31/05/2015 £48,625 PLYMOUTH MUSIC ZONE LIMITED 5? A weekly programme of tailired creative music-making and singing sessions for older people in residential care homes and palliative care units
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