Piobaireachd Society

Scottish Charity Regulator
What it does
  • 'it Makes Grants, Donations Or Gifts To Organisations','it Carries Out Activities Or Services Itself'
Who it helps
  • 'No specific group, or for the benefit of the community','Other charities / voluntary bodies'
Sector(s) covered
  • 'The advancement of education','The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science'
Where it operates
  • Glasgow City
Financial Data
Latest year end: 11/30/2017
Latest income: £20,311
Latest expenditure: £17,885
Donations received ?

We have no records of significant donations from major grant makers to this charity.

Main office

2 The Old Bailey, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kent

Legal constitution
  • Registered Scottish Charity No: SC001113

(a) To encourage the study and playing of piobaireachd on the Highland bagpipe. (b) To collect piobaireachd MSS, to record their history, to publish tunes, correcting those already in print which are found to be wrong, and to form a library of material whether written, printed or recorded in any other form, for the dissemination of pipe music. (c) To aid in the general advancement and diffusion of knowledge of the ancient Highland piobaireachd. (d) To encourage the playing of piobaireachd in recitals and competitions. (e) To appoint, and where necessary to pay, piobaireachd teachers in various parts of Scotland, and to aid financially, promising pupils in obtaining further instruction. (f) To train judges of piobaireachd and to participate in maintaining a panel of accredited judges.