The Broomhouse Centre

What it does
  • 'it Carries Out Activities Or Services Itself'
Who it helps
  • 'Children / young people','Older people','People with disabilities or health problems','Other defined groups'
Sector(s) covered
  • 'The advancement of education','The advancement of health','The provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended','The relief of those in need by reason of age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage'
Where it operates
  • City Of Edinburgh
Financial Data
Latest year end: 03/31/2018
Latest income: £852,077
Latest expenditure: £698,773
Donations received ?

Over the last five years they've received significant donations from 9 grant making charities totalling £2,713,544

Donor To be used for
Scottish council for Voluntary Organisations We want to provide basic digital skills training to older people with dementia who attend the Beacon Club over a 12-month period. To do this work we would like to work with Cre8te Opportunities and utilise a trainer through them on a sessional basis, as well as purchase some iPads and our application is for funding to support this. This IT training and support will be delivered by the trainer and volunteers and will also involve the development of digital champions from within the beneficiaries and their carers. The digital champions will keep the programme going beyond the life of the funded project and will support individuals to get online, access the internet, email and other basic digital skills like shopping, banking and accessing public services including health and wellbeing. The specific outcomes would be to recruit a trainer, to establish a network of digital champions across South West Edinburgh and to provide free training and one-to-one support for 30 older people over 12 months, with the specific objectives of the programme being to provide a combination of skills, confidence and ongoing support. The benefits will be: -Address inequalities caused by move to online - health care, social care and wellbeing advances being missed by those who need them most -Access to online GP services -Access to information on health information, local wellbeing activities and clubs will improve wellbeing and have a positive effect on mental health -Access to internet support forums and reliable advice sources, thereby reducing strain on health service provision -Reduce social isolation by visits/contact with trainer and digital champions - mostly face-to-face, one-to-one, but also group where appropriate -Leave a legacy through Digital Champions to provide ongoing support - formal and informal -Support carers who are often acting as proxies through training and support -Based on individual/personal needs and interests -Make it fun -Leave individuals better equipped to deal with modern world -Support delivered at local level in familiar surroundings There is a call for growth of telecare, telehealth and online resources, but these are no help to those not able to use the technology. Our training will give users skills to be able to use and access technology by giving them confidence and practical training. With GP services moving online for prescriptions and appointments, self-management of conditions, access to test results etc we will support the older people and their carers to access these services
Scottish council for Voluntary Organisations We would like to redesign our website actively involving our young and adult carers – this involve carers helping to design a web brief and specification, working closely with a web designer to explore different options, beta test a new website, launch our new website and promote it to local young and adult carers. Purchase two Ipads: one would be used with the young carers service to help track and capture the benefits of the Young Carers services, to implement Young Carers Statements and will be used to produce evidence for activities such as Saltire Awards. One would be used for similar benefits for adult carers, helping them complete Adult Carers Support Plans. In order to meet the demands of the Scottish Government's Carers CENSUS we want to create an effective carers data base. Currently we use a simple excel spreadsheet which we have found is not fit for purpose in terms of capturing and reporting complex information. 17/7 - applicant confirmed a consultant would develop an excel database We would also like to purchase a dedicated laptop for our carers services that will help us improve the services we off adult and young carers.
Robertson Trust Core Running Costs
Robertson Trust The Broomhouse Centre and Enterprises
Garfield Weston Foundation Dream Build Project
National Lottery Heritage Fund To acquire, renovate and develop the Broomhouse Centre, an existing community managed facility. The extension will increase the social enterprise cafe space, extend the kitchen and food preparation area and increase meeting space for a range of community groups and services.
Robertson Trust The Broomhouse Centre and Enterprises
RS Macdonald Charitable Trust The project is to demolish our existing community centre building and construct a new community centre on the same site to accommodate our various community initiatives. The development will provide purpose-built, flexible space assisting the centre to more fully meet the needs of the community, our clients, employees, and partners.
Tudor Trust as a one-off capital grant towards the cost of constructing a new purpose-built community centre in South West Edinburgh
Henry Smith Charity towards three years' salary of the CEO at a project providing courses, support and training for people in a deprived area of Edinburgh
Clothworkers Foundation Redevelopment of community facility for a charity which supports disadvantaged minority communities in Edinburgh
Robertson Trust the costs of the Youth Counselling Service and core costs
National Lottery Heritage Fund Broomhouse Cafe Training Project
RS Macdonald Charitable Trust To provide 1 to 1 befriending to vulnerable children and young people who are badly affected by parental substance misuse in order that they are more able to cope in their family, at school and in the community.
National Lottery Heritage Fund Not Available
Tudor Trust over one year as continuation funding towards the core costs of a community centre in South West Edinburgh
Esmee Fairbairn Towards the manager's salary whilst the organisation transitions to a new fundraising model after a planned expansion of the site to benefit larger numbers of disadvantaged people in the area.
National Lottery Heritage Fund Not Available
National Lottery Heritage Fund Not Available
Main office

79-89 Broomhouse Crescent, Edinburgh

Legal constitution
  • Registered Scottish Charity No: SC003706

1 The company has been formed to benefit the inhabitants of South West Partnership Area, Edinburgh, as defined by city of Edinburgh Council, with the following objects: 4.1 to promote the benefit of the Community, through the provision of recreational facilities and activities in the interests of social welfare to improve their conditions of life; and 4.2 to advance education and training among the beneficiaries; and 4.3 to advance health among the beneficiaries; and 4.4 to provide relief of those beneficiaries in need by reason of their age, poor health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage. .