Overall Score: 28 based on 8 data points
Finance: 8
Governance: 9
Support: 11
(no PartB)
Fundraising costs low: +3, Future income +5,
Good trustee age range: +3, Dynamic board: +3, Gender balanced board: +3,
Supporters: +11


Analysis by Giving is Great


  • The charity has received backing from several prominent grant makers recently and there are significant future grants due to be received
  • There have been no material income shortfalls in recent years
  • Fundraising costs are unusually low relative to funds raised
  • The Board appears to be well diversified in terms of age and gender and dynamic in terms of composition
Established: 21 years
Scottish Charity RegulatorCompanies House
Financial Data
Income & Spending ?
Period ending 31/03/18 31/03/19 31/03/20 31/03/21 31/03/22
Charitable activities £1,020,271 £1,096,085 £906,883 £1,124,985
Donations & Legacies £57,785 £125,415 £85,987 £82,606
Other Income £168
Investment Income £203 £531 £828 £5,658
Total income £1,143,715 £1,278,553 £1,093,624 £1,279,889 £1,446,840
Charitable activities spending £1,059,818 £1,133,823 £1,081,503 £1,092,521
Fundraising costs 4% 4% 5% 4% 2%
Other spending
Total spending £1,102,222 £1,190,765 £1,135,603 £1,138,126 £1,320,992
Surplus/deficit £41,493 £87,788 -£41,979 £141,763 £125,848
What it does
  • It carries out activities or services itself
Who it helps
  • Children or young people
  • Other defined groups
  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of health
  • The advancement of citizenship or community development
Where it operates
  • Operations cover all or most of Scotland, main operating location: City of Edinburgh

Who's supporting them? ?

Donations from Grant Makers ?

We have details on the following significant donations. Multi-year donations are allocated to the years for which they are earmarked.

Major supporters in last 5 years
The Henry Smith Charity £353,500
The National Lottery Heritage Fund£203,965
BBC Children in Need£181,079
The National Lottery Community Fund£136,920
Scottish Government£78,125
Paul Hamlyn Foundation£60,000
The Robertson Trust£54,000
Garfield Weston Foundation£50,000
Specific Donations
Amount When
To be used for
Foundation Scotland
£1,000 18/04/2023
BG Community Awards Feb 2023
Foundation Scotland
£1,000 07/12/2022
Baillie Gifford November 2022 Community Award
William Grant Foundation
£44,000 17/11/2022
Unrestricted funding to support this LGBTI charity to sustain services and plans in 2022/23. The grant is unrestricted but was made in response to the organisation's need for support for core ....more
The National Lottery Community Fund
£10,000 01/11/2022
This group will use the funding to continue their Volunteer and Capacity Building Manager role. The manager will be able to continue to recruit train and support volunteers who are important to the ....more
BBC Children in Need
£2,500 05/10/2022
This project will provide the opportunity to develop and grow a community partnership with your local McDonald’s restaurant. This will support disadvantaged children and young people to reach ....more
The National Lottery Heritage Fund
£203,965 01/09/2022
(Un)seen, (Un)heard
The Henry Smith Charity
£120,000 17/05/2022
towards three years‘ running costs of an organisation providing support for young LGBTI people, impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, in Edinburgh, Scotland.
BBC Children in Need
£118,660 03/02/2022
600 LGBTI young people from across Scotland will access youth work services and online learning opportunities on the Pride and Pixels platform. They will have reduced isolation, increased confidence ....more
The Clothworkers Foundation
£5,000 11/05/2021
renovation of building for a charity supporting LGBT Community in Edinburgh
The Henry Smith Charity
£53,500 29/03/2021
towards one year's running costs of the 'Pride and Pixels' project providing an online community space for young LGBTI people who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland.
Foundation Scotland
£3,000 04/03/2021
Baillie Gifford Community Awards January 2021
Foundation Scotland
£3,000 04/03/2021
Baillie Gifford Community Awards January 2021
LGBT Consortium
£5,000 22/01/2021
Digital youth work service and an online learning service, in response to lockdowns/coronavirus pandemic preventing face to face groups.
The National Lottery Community Fund
£10,000 09/12/2020
This group will use the funding for their new digital platform which will support hundreds of young LGBT people across Scotland.
BBC Children in Need
£54,919 09/09/2020
COVID19 - This project will deliver youth work online and face to face with LGBTI young people from the Greater Glasgow area. It will also support the management of their new online platform for 500 ....more
£18,306 23/06/2020
NET, Comic Relief and Children in Need will use this funding to provide: increased support to vulnerable people and hidden groups, thus reducing the burden on public services; reach local grassroots ....more
BBC Children in Need
£5,000 17/06/2020
COVID19 - This grant will fund staffing costs and two mobile phones to support 70 LGBTI young people isolated by Covid and unable to attend regular youth work sessions. They will be more confident ....more
£5,000 27/05/2020
NET, Comic Relief and Children in Need will use this funding to provide: increased support to vulnerable people and hidden groups, thus reducing the burden on public services; reach local grassroots ....more
The National Lottery Community Fund
£116,920 27/04/2020
This group will use the funding to support Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) young people with their mental health and wellbeing as well as enabling them to build personal ....more
Scottish Government
£78,125 09/04/2020
Detailed description not provided.
The Henry Smith Charity
£180,000 10/12/2019
towards three years' continuation funding of the 'Breaking Down Barriers' project providing support services to young LGBT people in Scotland
Paul Hamlyn Foundation
£60,000 14/10/2019
To enhance the scope and quality of a volunteering scheme by hiring a Volunteer Manager, to grow a digital youth work offer and reach more young people in remote areas of Scotland.
The Robertson Trust
£54,000 10/09/2019
LGBTI Youth Work in Scotland
Garfield Weston Foundation
£50,000 03/09/2019
LGBT Youth Scotland
The National Lottery Community Fund
£9,860 17/01/2018
This group will run a weekend event at Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries, as part of the Year of Young People 2018.
BBC Children in Need
£107,805 09/02/2017
150 LGBT+ young people will have access to a range of youth groups, individual support, influence decision makers and take part in volunteering opportunities each year. The project will increase ....more
The Henry Smith Charity
£117,500 09/06/2016
towards three years' salary of the Volunteering Manager at a project providing support services to young LGBTQ people in Scotland
The National Lottery Community Fund
£380,200 19/05/2016
This project will support young people through the youth work intervention approach with one to one support and group work. It will help them move toward positive destinations.
BBC Children in Need
£71,990 01/04/2015
This project provides support to gay lesbian bisexual and transgender young people. By giving one to one and group support it helps them to feel happier and more included more confident and able to ....more
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Data sourced from Donors via 360 Giving

How is it governed?

Directors (7)
Current Directors appointed
Gender Split
Based on 6/7 persons

Age Range of Directors: 32-71
  • MOONEY, Nic
    Appointed: 2021
    Occupation: Volunteering Co-Ordinator
Legal constitution
  • Charity registered in Scotland on 27/02/2003, number: SC024047
  • Registered at Companies House on 27/02/2003, number: SC244805
Main office

, EH6 7BD


The purposes for which the Company is established (in this Memorandum referred to as 'the Objects') shall be wholly charitable. The word 'charitable' wherever it appears in this Memorandum shall have the same meaning as in section 505 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988, including any statutory modification or re-enactment of that Act for the time being in force.

Data Sources

Scottish Charity Regulator
360 Giving
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