Overall Score: 4 based on 3 data points
Finance: 0
Governance: -5
Support: 9
(no PartB)
(no info on trustees)only 0 Trustees: -5,
Supporters: +9


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  • Spending has increased over the last 3 years relative to the previous period
  • There have been no material income shortfalls in recent years

Regulatory & Governance issues to consider:

  • There are only 0 trustees
Established: 21 years
Scottish Charity Regulator
Financial Data
Income & Spending ?
Period ending 30/09/17 30/09/18 30/09/19 30/09/20 30/09/21 30/09/22
Charitable activities £2,922,854 £3,278,444 £2,554,976 £2,961,556 £4,721,647
Donations & Legacies £46 £13,577 £398 £1,258
Other Income £156,557 £3,598 £61,069 £41,017 £92,703
Investment Income £2,533 £3,479 £1,006 £1 £8,205
Total income £2,644,334 £3,081,990 £3,299,098 £2,617,449 £3,003,832 £4,823,467
Charitable activities spending £3,116,489 £3,447,705 £2,665,605 £2,843,429 £4,587,709
Fundraising costs
Other spending £27,228 £18,120 £21,109
Total spending £2,906,529 £3,116,489 £3,447,705 £2,692,833 £2,861,549 £4,608,818
Surplus/deficit -£262,195 -£34,499 -£148,607 -£75,384 £142,283 £214,649
What it does
  • It makes grants, donations or gifts to organisations
  • It carries out activities or services itself
Who it helps
  • No specific group, or for the benefit of the community
  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of health
  • The advancement of citizenship or community development','the provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended','the advancement of environmental protection or improvement
Where it operates
  • More than one local authority area in Scotland, main operating location: North Lanarkshire

Who's supporting them? ?

Donations from Grant Makers ?

We have details on the following significant donations. Multi-year donations are allocated to the years for which they are earmarked.

Major supporters in last 5 years
The National Lottery Heritage Fund£441,167
The National Lottery Community Fund£58,000
The Dulverton Trust£44,322
Specific Donations
Amount When
To be used for
The National Lottery Heritage Fund
£194,310 30/08/2023
#FIRNS Central Scotland Green Network Routemap to Green Finance Mobilisation
The National Lottery Heritage Fund
£246,857 12/09/2022
The Leven River Park
The Dulverton Trust
£24,322 09/06/2021
10,000 Raingardens for Scotland - Supporting a Green Recovery
The Dulverton Trust
£20,000 10/02/2021
10,000 Raingardens for Scotland - Supporting a Green Recovery
The National Lottery Community Fund
£58,000 21/12/2018
This project will deliver the first phase of the wider regeneration of Easter Carmuirs Park in Camelon. The group will carry out a range improvements to the park which will improve accessibility, ....more
The National Lottery Community Fund
£12,000 21/02/2017
This group will work with local residents, young people and existing community groups to improve Easter Carmuirs Park. This planning process will allow the community to reach a shared vision for the ....more
The Robertson Trust
£7,000 31/01/2017
Capital costs towards the therapeutic gardening project
The National Lottery Community Fund
£111,545 18/11/2016
This group will provide a therapeutic gardening project to support people with mental health issues in their supported accommodations across Glasgow, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, East Ayrshire, and ....more
The National Lottery Community Fund
£10,000 08/09/2010
This group will improve access at a reservoir site and install information boards for visitors. This will clear and create accessible pathways for visitors to the site, and also provide information ....more
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Data sourced from Donors via 360 Giving

How is it governed?


Sorry we have no information about the Trustees.

Legal constitution
  • Charity registered in Scotland on 09/09/2002, number: SC015341
  • Notes: This SCIO was incorporated on 19 January 2021 as a result of the conversion of a charitable company (SC093544)
Main office

, G33 6FB


The organisation’s purposes are: to advance environmental repair, protection and improvement. to advance citizenship and community development (including urban and rural regeneration, the promotion of volunteering and the voluntary sector and measures to maximise community involvement in the work of the organisation). to advance education and training, particularly in relation to matters relating to the environment. to advance health, and in particular through encouraging public access to open spaces, participation in open-air sports and recreational activities, and active travel. to assist in relation to the provision of recreational facilities available to members of the public at large with the object of improving their conditions of life. and to further other similar charitable purposes for the benefit of the community. through promoting, supporting and coordinating the delivery of, and where considered appropriate, directly delivering a range of initiatives and projects, across Scotland and elsewhere, directed towards restoring and transforming landscapes, promoting better land management practices, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and/or the provision of community facilities, with a view to creating an environment which is more balanced and able to thrive in a changing climate, contributes positively to climate change action, which supports healthy lifestyles and well-being, enhances nature and biodiversity and encourages sustainable inclusive economic growth. and to do all of the above in a manner which reflects principles of good practice as regards diversity and equality.

Data Sources

Scottish Charity Regulator
360 Giving
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